Elevate Your Sales

With More Prospects

It's a numbers game!

Are you tired of looking and emailing prospects? Then, try our marketing tool, allowing you to to send over 100 B2B emails per hour to relevant prospects.


 With a staggering 99% of people checking their workmail daily, emailing prospects generates sales for businesses. But finding right people and their emails take time and in the end the numbers speak for themselves. That is why we have developed a B2B marketing solution that finds your targeted prospects and emails them for you. 

Submitt your information and we will contact you with a customized offer. If you still have any further questions, we are happy to have a video meeting and answer all of your questions.

How does it work?

Our bot allow us to find business emails to over 265 million people globally, allowing you to send right email to the right person instantly. Whether you’re zoning in on specific demographics, targeting a niche industry, or addressing someone at a particular hierarchical position, our tool enables you to craft tailored personal messages that resonate with your audience. 

If you fear your email being lost in the vast sea of content? Then it’s time for precision and personalization. When developing a marketing campaign we will share our best practices with you to go around the spam filter and make your email customised to your target audience. Including name, company, website and so much more. 

It precisely targets audiences based on demographics, behaviors, and interests, ensuring engagement with genuinely interested individuals. Customization and personalization create engaging experiences. Lower inbox competition boosts visibility and conversion rates. Direct communication builds trust, trackable results inform improvements, and it aligns well with data privacy regulations. It also lasts longer, offers more control, and avoids ad fatigue. Overall, direct marketing’s precise targeting and measurable impact make it a favored choice for meaningful audience connections.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a privacy regulation enacted by the European Union (EU) in April of 2016 to protect member country citizens and their right to privacy and control over their personal data in the digital world. 

An essential aspect of the GDPR is the approval needed from individuals for the acquisition and management of personal information. In order not to cause a business friction,  advertisers must have a legitimate interest to use the data that is not outweighed by fundamental rights and freedoms, taking into account data subjects’ reasonable expectations of how data may be used.  

The GDPR highlights “direct marketing” as an example of a likely legitimate interest.

The GDPR’s uncertainties have caught the attention of legal experts, potentially leaving courts to settle these issues over time. Based on current legal interpretations, well-executed B2B marketing, including newsletters and direct marketing, as falling under legitimate interest.

However, campaigns lacking relevance to recipients based on industry or position may not qualify. Thus, B2B marketers must use data wisely and tailor efforts carefully.