Lukas Klouth, Filmmaker

The network of contacts I had played a vital role in starting my own company. It provided me with the confidence and assurance that I would have clients and income right from the beginning. Having those connections gave me the initial push I needed.
Last week, our SWT Stockholm team embarked on a thrilling team-building retreat in the enchanting landscapes of North Cyprus. This retreat provided an opportunity for the Stockholm team to meet the development team of the Cyprus office, fostering stronger collaboration while enjoying the breathtaking beauty of the region.
“Being a female founder in tech today, is awesome! There are of course challenges but since I really believe what I am doing, I look for the people that share my vision.
Stockholm annual Tech Arenan Summit 2023 took place again at the beautiful Waterfront Congress Center.
“There will never be a perfect opportunity and as an entrepreneur you have to be a bit spontaneous. Better to regret things you have done than to regret things you never did."
Attending the EU Start Up summit in Barcelona 2023 was an unforgettable business experience. The summit was bustling with entrepreneurs, investors, and experts from various fields.