SEB Next Award – Celebrating Sustainable Entrepreneurship

In a world increasingly driven by innovation and sustainable practices, initiatives like The Next Awards play a pivotal role in recognizing and promoting the individuals and organizations making a lasting impact.

Last week Services We Trust got invited to this great annual competition that celebrates sustainable entrepreneurship and those driving it forward.

This prestigious award is divided into three categories, each contributing to a better world in unique ways.

Photo: Tamara Christmann Olofsson (Upzone AB), Pernilla Johnsson (SEB), Yaroslava Kudrina (Services We Trust)

The Three Categories:

  1. New Ideas: This category seeks to identify and honor budding entrepreneurs with groundbreaking ideas and initiatives that have the potential to create a more sustainable world, either on a climate or societal level. Entrants in this category are typically startups with innovative approaches and proven business models poised to become industry benchmarks.
  2. Transformation: The Transformation category recognizes companies that have made significant changes over recent years, either through internal transformations, external collaborations, or industry-wide impact. These changes should have resulted in measurable effects that contribute to a more sustainable society, whether in terms of the environment or society.
  3. Community: In this category, those who have made a substantial difference in society are celebrated. Applicants here can be associations or organizations that have devised creative solutions or approaches to significant societal issues, resulting in clear societal benefits and enhanced sustainability from either a social or environmental perspective.

As the grand finale, Danny Saucedo performed one on his most popular songs Amazing, together with Stockholm Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, which was absolutely an experience to remember.

We at Services We Trust, understands that the path to The Next Awards can be challenging, with fierce competition and rigorous selection criteria. That’s why they offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to empower their clients to stand out and make a meaningful impact:

1. Tailored Consultation: One-on-one consultations to understand our client’s vision, goals, and the impact they wish to make on the world. These consultations help in crafting a personalized strategy for The Next Awards application. Making sure it is not only clear and concise but also persuasive.

2. Pitch Preparation: For those fortunate enough to make it to the finals, Services We Trust provides pitch preparation sessions. This includes coaching on presentation skills, ensuring that entrepreneurs confidently convey the impact and potential of their ideas to the judging panel.

3. Networking Opportunities: Services We Trust leverages its extensive network to connect clients with potential mentors, partners, and investors who can provide additional support and resources to enhance their chances of success.

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