FEARLESS by Feminvest – Moderated by SWT

FEARLESS by Feminvest has always been more than just an event; it’s a movement dedicated to celebrating and empowering female entrepreneurs and investors. Last week Services We Trust CEO Yaroslava Kudrina moderated this great nigh at Berns for over 500 booked guests, 20 outstanding partners, and dussins of inspiring entrepreneurs.

“I’m overwhelmed with gratitude and a profound sense of accomplishment. FEARLESS 2023, the Feminvest event where women gathered to accelerate their ownership, expand their knowledge, and grow their network, has concluded. It was an incredible day, and I want to take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt thanks to all who joined us for this remarkable evening at Berns, Berzelii Park in Stockholm.”

– Yaroslava Kudrina, CEO of Services We Trust AB

As we reflect on FEARLESS 2023, let us remember that our journey doesn’t end here. Stay tuned for future events by Services We Trust where we will continue to empower, educate, and elevate each other. Together with all the amazing entrepreneurs in our network we aim higher and to always try to exceed expectations. Thank you for reading this and for being part of this incredible community. We look forward to our future endeavors together!

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