Olga Maksutova, KonceptKliniken

Olga Maksutova, moved to Sweden from Ukraine. Today she is running a successful dentistry and beauty centre Koncept Kliniken in the heart of Vasastan. 

Tell a bit about your background.

I moved to Sweden from Odessa, Ukraine. My parents owned a successful dentistry practice in Ukraine, where I began working part-time during my third year of studies. My mother, who was a talented and skilled dentist, served as my inspiration to pursue the same profession. People from all over Ukraine came to see her. Unfortunately, when she turned 45, she got cancer and passed away. I was only 24 years old back then. My dad and my two brothers were in big grief, so I had to take myself together and continue running the family practice. I met my ex-husband at the medical university in 2008 and five years later both of us decided to relocate to Sweden. In Sweden I had to start from zero. During the first three years, I had to learn the language and defend my diploma. At the same time, it was war in Syria and a lot of people moved to Sweden. It was a big dentistry competition in the market.

How did you come up with the idea to combine beauty and dentistry?

Started my own practice in 2019 and have always seen the dentistry as a concept that both include the function and aesthetic. One cannot be without the other, because the beauty would matter less if the function would not work. The name KonceptKliniken represents exactly that.

You are a single mother, you run a business with nine employees in a beautiful 300 sqm central location that you completely renovated. That is amazing, what do you think inspire and motivates you every day?

There are many things that motivate me, but I find the process leading up to a result to be the most stimulating. I compare myself to a solar battery that conduct the energy and get charged by new processes at the same time as the process is also very energy draining. So, you have to be very passionate at what you decide that you will do. I think the key is also to find people you really like and enjoy working with. My ultimate goal is to cultivate a work environment that I would personally enjoy working in. I aspire for my colleagues to feel a sense of fulfilment in their work, rather than just going through the motions of a mundane job. Me and my colleagues have a close big family relationship. A workplace is usually a stressful environment and when you have supportive and caring colleagues, it makes life a bit easier. We are always there for each other. I admire and appreciate them very much.

What do you think was the most difficult in your career this far and how did you manage it?  

Paperwork! I like where the tasks are physical as it feels that I am moving forward while paperwork make me feel that I am standing at one spot. I have difficulty when something is slowing down my fast phase business work. For example, insurances, regulations and different authorities’ regulations. My talent is to do things with my work and writing legal responses is something that I much rather delegate. Currently, I am actually practicing at delegating more. I am grateful for Services We Trust that have been helping me with their legal and technical expertise.

What characteristics are good to have to be a great entrepreneur?

You have to believe in yourself and have a strong will.  If you have decided something you have to go for it. No need to wait. Many people see me and think that I don’t think things through. But this is not true. I do, and maybe I even like a bit to chock people with my quickness. I see a lot of people wait and prepare and re-think. But there will never be a perfect opportunity and as an entrepreneur you have to be a bit spontaneous. Better to regret thinks you have done than to regret thinks you never did.

Your top 3 tips for entrepreneurs:

1. Set high goals,

2. Find role models that inspire you,

3. Get two people in your life. One optimist and one pessimist. When you feel down you go to the optimist and the vice versa.

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