Services We Trust attended Tech Arenan Summit

Our team recently had the pleasure of attending the Stockholm Annual Tech Arenan Summit 2023, held once again at the beautiful Waterfront Congress Center. The conference was an incredible experience that brought together some of the most innovative minds in the tech industry.

One of our main takeaways from the event was the opportunity to meet and greet with some amazing startups that are working hard to make the world a better place. It was inspiring to see the passion and creativity that these young companies are bringing to the table, and we left feeling energized and excited about the future.

We also attended some exciting workshops on the future of AI and ChatGPT, which was a great learning experience for us. As a team that works with AI on a daily basis, we were particularly interested in hearing about the latest developments in this field. One of the key messages that we took away from these workshops is that AI is like fire – if used correctly, it can heat up your home and bring you great benefits, but if not handled carefully, it can also burn you. As such, it is essential that we continue to approach AI with caution and use it in a responsible and ethical manner.

Overall, we had an incredible time at the Stockholm Annual Tech Arenan Summit 2023, and we are already looking forward to attending again next year. We are excited to see what new ideas and innovations will emerge from the tech industry in the coming years, and we are proud to be a part of this vibrant and dynamic community.

The network of contacts I had played a vital role in starting my own company. It provided me with the confidence and assurance that I would have clients and income right from the beginning. Having those connections gave me the initial push I needed.
Last week, our SWT Stockholm team embarked on a thrilling team-building retreat in the enchanting landscapes of North Cyprus. This retreat provided an opportunity for the Stockholm team to meet the development team of the Cyprus office, fostering stronger collaboration while enjoying the breathtaking beauty of the region.
“Being a female founder in tech today, is awesome! There are of course challenges but since I really believe what I am doing, I look for the people that share my vision.
“There will never be a perfect opportunity and as an entrepreneur you have to be a bit spontaneous. Better to regret things you have done than to regret things you never did."
Attending the EU Start Up summit in Barcelona 2023 was an unforgettable business experience. The summit was bustling with entrepreneurs, investors, and experts from various fields.