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Last week, our SWT Stockholm team embarked on a thrilling team-building retreat in the enchanting landscapes of North Cyprus. This retreat provided an opportunity for the Stockholm team to meet the development team of the Cyprus office, fostering stronger collaboration while enjoying the breathtaking beauty of the region.

Throughout the retreat, the SWT team participated in a series of 8 intense workshops designed to enhance their skills and knowledge. The team enthusiastically engaged in these sessions, exchanging ideas, sharing expertise, and fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional growth.

Exploring the Charms of North Cyprus: During their spare time, the SWT team seized the opportunity to explore the captivating locations of North Cyprus. One of the highlights of their journey was the visit to Kyrenia, a picturesque harbor town known for its historical charm and scenic beauty. The team enjoyed strolling along the harbor, marveling at the colorful fishing boats and soaking in the Mediterranean ambiance.

Another notable excursion included a visit to the iconic St. Hilarion Castle, perched majestically atop the Kyrenia mountain range. The team had the opportunity to delve into centuries of history as they explored the castle’s ruins and admired the panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. This cultural and historical immersion added an extra dimension to their retreat experience.

Beyond the professional development aspect, the retreat provided a valuable platform for the Stockholm and Cyprus teams to connect on a personal level. Spending time together outside the office environment fostered a sense of camaraderie and strengthened the bonds between team members. Collaborative activities, team-building exercises, and shared meals created an atmosphere of unity and synergy among the SWT employees.

SWT’s team-building retreat in North Cyprus proved to be an unforgettable experience for the company’s team and setting the stage for even greater achievements in the future.


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